How The Bells Stole America’s Digital Future

..If the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) had delivered on the promises they made in the early 1990s, almost half of America’s households and the vast majority of the nation’s schools would already be wired with high-speed fiber optic networks. .. The Bells told regulators they would wire more than 44 million households by the […]

Free Matthew Corwin

Wrongfully accused, wrongfully imprisoned, and held for days without even being charged, Matthew Corwin is now a sad testimony to a climate of fear. In this post-9/11 era, and especially after the recent tragedies at Virginia Tech, it is perhaps natural for people to be afraid. Fear can be a good thing. It keeps us […]

Spiderman 3

How do you juggle this many characters and keep the story coherent must have been the chief concern for this movie. I found that they had a difficult a strained job doing so but I enjoyed the complexity immensely. Spiderman is one of my favorite superheroes due to his character development. In the third installment […]