Winter Weeds

Some of you all are having issues with Winter weeds taking over your yard as we are in the back and forth weather prior to spring. Lets takes some steps to clear that up. Mow the lawn. Even if the grass doesn’t need it, if weeds are going crazy cutting the lawn will remove portions […]

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker I would rate it 7/10 using my scale below. 10 – Masterpiece. 1-2 movies a year might get this rating. 9 – Great movie but just falling short of perfect in some way. 8 – One of the best of it’s genre or medium. 7 – A great experience […]

Black Friday Rifle

It’s been two years since I bought my last rifle which was an AR-15. It works well for what it does but recently I was thinking I wanted something capable of taking hunting but also fun for me to shoot at the range. So I was debating getting an upper for my AR-15 in .300 […]