Top five Linux distributions known for ease of use

I’ve seen many Windows users express interest in trying out Linux lately. One of the first questions a new user may ask is which Linux distribution should they install? For those that are unaware of what a Linux distribution is, here is a quick answer: “A Linux distribution (often called a distro for short) is […]

Window seat and music storage

Sarah has always wanted a window seat. She also needed an area to store her sheet music for choir, piano teaching and show tunes. So I came up with a solution that fills both roles. For the base I used an Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit and placed it on the ground horizontally. I just really […]

Capstone Practicum

Family Henry B. Eyring, “The family unit is fundamental not only to society and to the Church but also to our hope for eternal life.” (“The Family,” Ensign, February 1998.)   Henry B. Eyring, Eternal life means to become like the Father and to live in families in happiness and joy forever, so of course […]