Give thanks

Something to think about with the turmoil that has occurred this year and the origins of the celebration of Thanksgiving on this day. Even in times that are dark we should turn to the Lord and #givethanks for what we have been blessed with. Giving thanks isn’t really for the Lord, it’s something that changes […]

Mandalorian Spoilers:

Mandalorian Spoilers: ———————————————————– My theory since the beginning of the Mandalorian was that Din Djarin was from a religious fundamentalist group of Mandalorians. I was glad to be proven right here. We know that Mandalorians in the past were in family clans and took off their helmets regularly. His creed of never taking his helmet […]

Veterans Day

Stole this picture from a past commander. My Favorite Veterans: 304th MCT at Ziggurat of Ur in 2006: Gary Moore, Albert Munoz, Marco Hernandez, Jason Arzt, Steve Jackson, Thomas Jones, Paul Darr, Kirt Heaward, David Ng, Nunio Villegas and Regina Evans. Marina Miller in front with guide-on. Who is Paul Darr? Paul Darr has lived […]