Want to start on your lawn?

So maybe you have neglected your lawn for a bit and want to start taking care of it. What are some things you can do to start getting it into shape? Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds from germinating. Think of this as part of your defensive plan for your lawn. Scotts Halts (Amazon & Lowes)and […]

Some lawn care tips

We have had a lot of rain which has made it difficult to mow lawns on a regular basis. The first thought of many might be to jump out and cut the lawn as short as you can to make it so it takes longer to mow again. That would be a mistake. It’s just […]

Silver Oaks 2018 meeting my summary

Here is my summary of the 2018 Silver Oaks HOA Meeting: Minutes don’t get approved until the following annual meeting but as far as business the only item was the election which results were the following having the most votes: Allen Pearce-Mishler, Paul Darr, and Dez Clayburg. There were also committee reports from Paul Darr […]