Silver Oaks 2018 meeting my summary

Here is my summary of the 2018 Silver Oaks HOA Meeting: Minutes don’t get approved until the following annual meeting but as far as business the only item was the election which results were the following having the most votes: Allen Pearce-Mishler, Paul Darr, and Dez Clayburg. There were also committee reports from Paul Darr […]

Little Free Library in Progress

I thought I would post a short update on the Little Free Library project I have been doing for our community park. I received a cabinet that was formerly in the kitchen above a microwave from Cassandra Johnson. The cabinet are composed of a combination of a solid wood front and mdf boards on the […]

AMD Home Server

I thought would share my latest project upgrading my home server. I use it as a web server, Plex server, and file server. The old ones motherboard is going out and I thought I would do an upgrade to something with a little more power than the old one and add the capability that it […]