Cheap organic fertilizer

Some of you might have seen me in my front yard today with a big bag of chicken crumble and were wondering why I was spreading chicken feed on my lawn. Well we are getting to the time of year when soil temperatures are right for switching from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers. An organic […]

New work bench

I like doing many of my projects on the back porch so I decided to build a new work bench on the back porch. I placed it on locking castors so I can wheel it out when working and lock in place. I placed a few holes to be able to mount my vise when […]

After freeze yard care

So some of you might be tempted to go out and toss some harsh fertilizer on your lawn. Hold back on that one. After the shock our lawns got with the freeze start with some very mild and balanced mixtures. The best thing you can do is add something like composted manure that comes in […]