Branding in a political campaign

Branding in a political campaign – It’s not just a buzz word Just as it is for businesses, successful branding is essential for the success of a political campaign. But what is a brand? In a business setting a brand is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good […]

Welcome to the Nentir Vale (4e D&D)

Introduction The Nentir Vale is a point of civilization surrounded by wildlands. Long ago in the ages of Legends Past there were great kingdoms, cities and heroes that roamed the land. You (your character) may have even have even listened to legends that were said to have happened in the Vale. Those time were long […]

A short review of Les Miserables

Sarah and I had the opportunity to see the film of Les Misérables today. We put Joseph down for a nap and left him in the hands of the baby sitter as we took the opportunity for an afternoon date. As a little background I have read the novel of Les Misérables three times and I have seen the Broadway musical […]