D&D 4e Summary – Game Session 2

So after clearing the ambush from the road, the group decided to patrol out to scout out the location of the Kobold Lair. The patrol ran into some guards along the river and quickly set to subduing them. After several accidental kills you finally managed to capture one Kobold Guard.  On the negative side one […]

What would they sell at a Google Store?

Rumors of a physical Google store have appeared on many blogs and news outlets recently. Some of the topics have included what approach Google would take to a store and what pitfalls to avoid. While listening to All About Android the hosts asked what would they sell? Sure Google has some products but they were […]

D&D 4e Summary – Game Session 1

We met our young protagonists when they were just finishing painting a section of the village wall. It had been a long hard day and they decided to try their hand at getting something cold to drink that would wipe their day away. With not having yet reached their feast night as adults… Salvana Wrafton (inn […]