Study Journal: Week 3

26 JAN 15 After the Holy Order of God by which they were called. (Alma 43:2) That title is very interesting. It seems very similar to names given to the Melchizedek priesthood in ancient times. I think this is just another indicator of how the Nephites operated under having the Melchizedek priesthood and not limited […]

Study Journal: Week 2

19 JAN 15 Alma remembers the Savior. (Alma 36:17-18) I have found chiasmus interesting interesting to learn about in the past. I always find it fun to see people’s eyes light up when I tell them about this poetic form in the scriptures. In this case the center of the chiasmus is remembering the Redeemer. […]

Study Journal Week 1

12 JAN 15 All things denote there is a God. (Alma 30:44) Every time I get out and have a chance to see the night sky outside of a city I think of this scripture. One of my missionary companions drew a very nice picture inspired by this scripture. I’m going to attach it to […]