America’s Changing Religious Identity

Interesting items from the study:

• All “white Christian” religions in the US are declining except Mormons.
• All “white Christian” religions are aging (lack of young people) in the US except Mormons.
• Mormons are steady at about 2% of the US population.
• Gender identifying as Mormon: 48% men, 52% women (one of the most gender balanced religions in the US).
• Men account for 64% of atheists and 63% of agnostics in the US.
• 38% of people 18-29 are in the “religiously unaffiliated” category.
• The religiously unaffiliated category is higher and growing faster than ever at 24% of the US population.
• Mormons continue to be one of the most educated religions in the US but have a larger group with only some college education at 32%.
• Mormons have the largest family sizes out of all religions in the US.
• 42% of Mormons have more than 3 children under 18 in their homes.
• 44% of Mormons are Republicans, 12% are Democrats.
• 51% of Utah identifies as Mormon. Six states are less diverse.
• 20% of Idaho identifies as Mormon.


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