Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Joseph and I saw¬†Star Wars: The Last Jedi Friday. We both enjoyed it and I would rate it 7/10 using my scale below. 10 – Masterpiece. 1-2 movies a year might get this rating. 9 – Great movie but just falling short of perfect in some way. 8 – One of the best of it’s […]

Veterans Day Looking Back

Ali Air Base (Tallil) November 2005. Taking a picture after building a pallet because I always forgot to during the process. Second picture also at Ali Air Base fixing Tops computer, again. Last picture Ziggurat of Ur. Who is Paul Darr? Paul Darr has lived in the Inland Empire region of California, Oregon, Colorado and […]

SNES Classic Edition

Joseph loves the surprise I had waiting for him when he came home from school. I told him to take off and put away his shoes when we got home. “Dad, why is there a Super Nintendo where my shoes go?” The setup worked to make a fun discovery. Who is Paul Darr? Paul Darr […]