Yard defense and other stuff

So if you have been following my posts I gave you an overview of what you needed to do to fix your lawn and I have been giving you a deep dive on each part along the way. Now that you have killed all the weeds in your lawn and mowed the lawn at the […]

Let’s mow the lawn!

So if you followed my last post you have treated your lawn with an herbicide and now you have a lawn full of dead weeds with some grass underneath. Wait at least three days for the weeds to die and then it’s time to pull out your lawn mower. If it’s your first time mowing […]

Killing weeds and mosquitoes

So people on my street might have seen me spraying a few things on my lawn yesterday. In my side yard the grass is a bit weak and had some weeds so I sprayed Spectracide Weed Stop on it and in my back yard where I haven’t treated yet. This helped me win in my […]