Control your year round water bill in San Antonio

On your water bill you see a thing that is referencing your sewer bill. But how do they figure that out? During the late fall to early spring SAWS takes what is called a winter average. This is taken by averaging your water usage during these moths So to control your water bill year round, […]

Best lies have a bit of truth

The best lies have a bit of the truth at the center. That is what I thought of when I ran across the story of Tim Ballard. Ballard has made himself a name as the rescuer of sex-trafficked individuals but has recently come under scrutiny as allegations of sexual assault and misconduct have come in […]

Fall Lawn Recommendation’s

Keep mowing your lawn. Grass growth will slow so you may only need to mow 1-2 a month for the grass itself. Mowing more often might be necessary if your lawn is primarily weeds. Apply a fall fertilizer to help your lawn recover. I like a ratio of 16-4-8 in a liquid format before rain […]