Me thinking way too far on the subject… Amen is a Hebrew word with meaning and Amin is an Arabic word with similar use and meaning. This was all anglicized based on sound only. So while attempting to be woke, the individual was being casually anti-semetic. Yes I know I think too far on these […]

Mandalorian S2 finale thoughts

The end of the season finale to the Mandalorian was so good. It brought a little tear to my eye. Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau should be the creative heads of all Star Wars going forward. Who is Paul Darr? Paul Darr has lived in California, Oregon, Colorado, and currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. […]

Give thanks

Something to think about with the turmoil that has occurred this year and the origins of the celebration of Thanksgiving on this day. Even in times that are dark we should turn to the Lord and #givethanks for what we have been blessed with. Giving thanks isn’t really for the Lord, it’s something that changes […]