I’d just like to remind people today that no matter who wins please show some peace and love to others of the opposite side of yourself. I’ve had some spirited discussions with other the past few months but I believe we have all kept it civil for the most part. Recognize the other side might […]

Prediction: This one will be close

So this time around I’m trying to adjust for the “embarrassed Trump voter factor” with polls and make educated guesses on places where I feel polls do a disservice by not including options that impact results. To me it also comes down two electoral votes that have haven’t had enough polling to be sure. That […]

September Lawn San Antonio

So it’s finally cooling down below 90 degrees in San Antonio. This makes it a great time to get some yard work done. The ten day forecast will be your best friend for accomplishing this for the next bit as there is rain on the schedule and some lawn care benefits from rain while others […]