July Lawn Care

The big thing is to keep up with watering and to mow as needed. Also it’s too hot to treat for weeds broadly like some of my posts talked about in the past. If you treat for weeds use a hand held sprayer and go directly at the couple weeds you are targeting. It’s also […]

May Yard Info

The weather is starting to get warm and that nice weed killer I talked about before has a maximum recommended temperature of 85-90 degrees. So I would recommend not using it at this point or you will risk harming your lawn. To keep weeds in check at this time of year mow every week if […]

Soil, seeds, and other stuff

So far you have likely read my overview of what you need to do to fix your lawn and I have been given you a deep dive on each part along the way. After my last post I said we would talk about other things you might add to top dress or improve the soil […]