New Desktop Purchase

I’ve had my old system for over six years now and I felt it might finally be time for an upgrade. So I have been searching NewEgg and doing a few test builds for what hardware I might want at the right price. Today the stars aligned and a few components came on sale at […]

Multi-Monitor Set Up

So now I’m wondering how I ever dealt with having just one monitor at home. Last semester I took online classes for programming and networking. I quickly found I just needed more screen real estate. The cheapest way to get that was buying a used monitor. I later bought a second and third to match […]

Top five Linux distributions known for ease of use

I’ve seen many Windows users express interest in trying out Linux lately. One of the first questions a new user may ask is which Linux distribution should they install? For those that are unaware of what a Linux distribution is, here is a quick answer: “A Linux distribution (often called a distro for short) is […]