AMD Home Server

I thought would share my latest project upgrading my home server. I use it as a web server, Plex server, and file server. The old ones motherboard is going out and I thought I would do an upgrade to something with a little more power than the old one and add the capability that it […]

Office Shed Completed

So as some of you might know I’ve been working on building a shed that I planned to insulate and use as an office. After ┬áseveral weekends of work it’s completed and I’ve moved my office out to it. Here is my favorite shot which Sarah dubs it a Man-Cave: The three monitors are great […]

New Desktop Purchase

I’ve had my old system for over six years now and I felt it might finally be time for an upgrade. So I have been searching NewEgg and doing a few test builds for what hardware I might want at the right price. Today the stars aligned and a few components came on sale at […]