Murder in the Stacks (Library Preservation)

Yes this is cheesy but it does convey the message of proper care of Library materials. I recommend that Library workers view the video and implement it in training. If your browser does not display embedded video properly here is the YouTube link. Who is Paul Darr? Paul Darr has lived in the Inland Empire region of California, Oregon, […]

The WordPress and Debian Experiment

Prior to moving, my wife expressed an interest in having her blog on a simpler platform. I previously had it on a Drupal 6 installation which she often found the admin panel to be over whelming. I was self hosting my blog, her blog and a few other sites on an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS machine […]

New Book Shelves

I just got the book shelves up in our new house and we pretty much have them filled already. So I pulled out the D&D book and cast Tenser’s Floating Disc to get the result’s on the left. I am pretty happy with the results. It’s nice that it’s all out of Hands McGrab’ems (my […]