May Yard Info

The weather is starting to get warm and that nice weed killer I talked about before has a maximum recommended temperature of 85-90 degrees. So I would recommend not using it at this point or you will risk harming your lawn.

To keep weeds in check at this time of year mow every week if your lawn is growing as fast as mine or every other week if it growing slower. You can also apply a pre-emergent herbicide and I would recommend doing so if it’s been over a couple months since your last pre-emergent application.

It’s also time to apply an insecticide again. Previously I recommended Spectracide Triazicide as a cheap insecticide for surface insects. If that’s all you need to control then that will still work. If you would also like to prevent grubs in the lawn I find granules work best. Spectracide also provides the cheapest granule solution that works. If you want to pay a few more dollars BAYER ADVANCED has a liquid spray that also provides both surface insect and grub control. BAYER ADVANCED also has a granule that is rated well.

Why would you want to prevent grubs? Well I have two reasons. 1. They often will eat up portions of the lawn killing it and causing brown spots. 2. Those feral hogs that sometimes dig up yards are after grubs. So if you have killed all the grubs then they are less likely to dig up your yard.

Feral Hogs

As always I hope that was helpful and informative. If you have any questions please post them in the comments. I will also share this to the neighborhood Facebook as I normally do.

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