LUGIE October

I’m at the Linux Users Group Inland Empre (LUGIE) meeting. I’d like to give a little update on what we have been disscussing. So far we disscussed the new Ubuntu 10.10 coming out tomorrow. There isn’t too much exciting going on there. The most interesting things are the updates to Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE) and […]

Lefty’s Reading Challenge

I just finished issuing certificates for Lefty’s Reading Challenge and boy has it been a challenge for me. Students had the opportunity to read from the library for the month of November and win a prize from the Speedway of: A certificate of completion One (1) complimentary ticket for a parent or guardian to the […]

Updated my site

I just updated the theme for In addition I added a function for the recent web design clients that I have had to have the ability to pay me online. I think I will flesh out that section more. I also put a contact page up and expanded my stalker section (links to my […]