LUGIE October

I’m at the Linux Users Group Inland Empre (LUGIE) meeting. I’d like to give a little update on what we have been disscussing.

So far we disscussed the new Ubuntu 10.10 coming out tomorrow. There isn’t too much exciting going on there.

The most interesting things are the updates to Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE) and the addition of commercial software to the software center.

Currently UNE doesn’t work on my Aspire One due to issues with the driver and acceleration.

The next presentation that was dived into was concerning the highly hackable Arduino board. Conveinently Ubuntu 10.10 has the software in the repos to program with it out of the box.

The presenter has shown us his project and his attempts to create a plain interface using gcc to code as opposed to the pretty IDE it uses by default.

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