Time to prepare for early yard care

We are coming to the end of January here in San Antonio and February is typically our last month of cold. With spring coming up it’s a great time to prepare by doing some yard maintenance and getting lawn care materials. First check when it’s best to trim your trees. Mine do best getting trimmed […]

Control your year round water bill in San Antonio

On your water bill you see a thing that is referencing your sewer bill. But how do they figure that out? During the late fall to early spring SAWS takes what is called a winter average. This is taken by averaging your water usage during these moths So to control your water bill year round, […]

Fall Lawn Recommendation’s

Keep mowing your lawn. Grass growth will slow so you may only need to mow 1-2 a month for the grass itself. Mowing more often might be necessary if your lawn is primarily weeds. Apply a fall fertilizer to help your lawn recover. I like a ratio of 16-4-8 in a liquid format before rain […]