May – Lawn Post

The winter weeds are trying to go to seed before the heat kills them. Keep the lawn mowed every week to reduce production of the weed seeds for next winter. Yes I know this can often be easier said than done when we have a rainy May. You will be stuck with the weekly watering […]

How do I scalp my lawn?

Scalping a lawn refers to mowing it very short, typically down to a height of 1-2 inches. While this can be beneficial in some cases, such as removing thatch buildup, it can also be damaging to the lawn if done improperly. Here are the steps to safely scalp your lawn: Remember that while scalping can […]

Lawn Care the good stuff

I normally list off stuff available at the big box type stores so people can easily find stuff that works at a good price.If you want to spend a little more and step up to the best stuff around this is what I use. The Andersons PGF Balanced 10-10-10 Fertilizer with Micronutrients and 2% Iron […]