D&D 4e Summary – Game Session 7 (The Dead Walk)

4e Summary – Game Session 7 (The Dead Walk)

Douven Staul and Ninaran arrive at the Keep and tell you about the situation in the village. Essentially undead are overrunning the country side and have the village under siege. The Winterhaven Regulars are keeping the village secure. The Militia is saving villagers on farms and bringing them to village. Some villagers have already been captured. Sister Linora and Eilian the Old have been captured looking for the source of the undead.

Douvon and Ninaran scouted out the graveyard and saw that Ninaran’s family was also held there. They are sacrificing villagers to power the ritual to raise the dead. Ninaran would have tried a rescue everyone but he lacked his families weapons.

Douvon and Ninaran ask for the parties help in rescuing the villager’s. Ninaran tells you there are at least a dozen undead in the graveyard (last he saw) and more around the village and it appears one priest of Orcus. The graveyard is a relic of a town abandoned after the fall of the old empire. The graveyard is four hours travel from the Keep back towards Winterhaven.

The squad agrees to save the village by destroying the ritual that is raising the dead. They weigh the choice of leaving the Keep but they decide that saving the village is more important. The squad decides to take Ninaran’s help and give him his weapons and gear back.

Upon exiting the Keep you notice a pile of Goblin bodies piled from Lennie and Will. Apparently they had ambushed a group of Goblins that were returning from raiding the country side. At the graveyard you confront a large number of zombies and a priest of Orcus. Kitsune is successful in disrupting the ritual that was producing the undead. During that time the rest of the group kills the undead, again. You successfully rescue Sister Linora, Eilian the Old and Ninaran’s children. Ninraan’s wife and a few other villagers were already killed to power the ritual. Mathos callously makes a joke about Ninaran’s wife being dead after which Ninaran shoots Mathos and storms off with his stunned children. An awkward silence follows and the others don’t interfere or offer healing to Mathos.

The group then deduces they have disrupted the threat to the village and travel back to the Keep. They arrive late and find Lennie and Will have killed more goblins that were in the area. You set a guard and sleep through the evening. Just before dawn a patrol of Goblins attack the ruined farm house that you are sleeping in. During the battle Mathos transforms into a walking were-tiger and attacks the goblins. After defeating the goblins part of the group enters the decrepit building to find Splug running around with a large spoon. Apparently while the battle was going on the Boggle that has been stalking you decided to steal the bedrolls. Splug tried to slap the hands appearing through portals in the room but he failed from stopping the Boggle.

Notable Characters for this session:
Sister Linora (Priestess of Avandra – Goddess of Change, Luck, Trade and Travel)
Eilian the Old – Old farmer and regular at Wrafton’s Inn.
Ninaran – Elf Hunter, once spy in Winterhaven after his families capture.
Douvon Staul – Villager of Winterhaven and treasure hunter
Will – Best friend of Shawna (Human Hunter)
Lennie – Large simple minded friend of Will and all villagers.

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