Microsoft Packs in Free T-Mobile Hotspots With Select US Forbes Magazines

I received an email today about Forbes Magazine having free wifi hotspots in them today. After some investigation I found out that sadly these magazines were only delivered to select customers.

forbes-office-365-hotspotThe hotspot was delivered in select US editions of Forbes Magazine today with built in routers, and its all part of a marketing campaign by Microsoft to draw attention to Office 365.

The built in router will serve five devices and remain powered for three hours. The hotspot user may use a USB cable to charge the device. The trial subscription is for 15 days on the hotspot and I suspect it can be renewed or swappable with a new SIM.

For those unfamiliar with office 365, it is the competitor to Google Docs built by Microsoft.  It is also a viable upgrade path for users of Microsoft Office.

A YouTube video has already been posted with a tear down of the device.

If you would like to see a better quality video tear down and you happen to know someone that received one of these devices, please send it my way. I would love to tear one of these open and see if I could mod it into a better case. 🙂

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