D&D 4e Summary – Session 12 and 13

Game Session 12

Well the village wasn’t able to get more than one horse for each of you. They wore the horses into the ground defending the village from the undead. They gave you the best they could find and that was good enough to take off at a fast rate to the ruined watch tower that the Bloodreavers used as a local base. In this journey you were joined by Sir Corwin Madglass. He was a member of the village as a child and left with a mentor to be trained as a Knight. He has passed in an out of the village in his training so you all know him.

You wore your horses into the ground and made it to the tower in record time. Once at the tower you entered stealthily in but found that chickens had been cooped on the bottom floor and they acted as an alarm. On the second floor you found a warm welcoming from the Bloodreavers and a couple giant spiders. After defeating the Bloodreavers you found that the villagers here did not have any of the missing siblings. The other villagers did tell you that another group of Bloodreavers traded horses and took off towards Thunderspire Mountain (which is beyond the city of Fallcrest). You leave the villagers a tired horse, some chickens and weapons. In the morning the group departs with your previous mounts and the tired horses the Bloodreavers had left behind.

You ride your horses hard to Fallcrest and several of the Bloodreavers mounts die. They make a nice meal to have while traveling. Upon entering Fallcrest you find the Bloodreavers have already arrived and left after trading horses. You purchase some horses of your own and head out early in the morning. The party makes excellent time to Thunderspire Mountain and can see the dust trail of horses as they near it.

Game Session 13

The group leaves the horses in Splugs care and enter a cave the group finds. In the cave the group hears some hobgoblins talking to a halfling they have captured. The group decides to help the halfling and hope the other captives are there. After defeating the hobgoblins our adventurers find that the halflings name is Rendil and he is a member of a family that owns an Inn under the mountain. Yes… under the mountain… there is a whole secret city under the mountain. Rendil takes you back to the Inn and you find out who some of the major players in the area are.

Brug – An ogre that leads the enforcers that work for the Mages of Saruun.
Charrack – Kobold beggar that’s good for information.
Harwin – Human merchant that sometimes hires adventurers.
The Ordinator Arcanis – Magistrate for the Mages of Saruun.
Bennik the Wanderer – Minstrel the performs at Inns and spins tales.
Orontor – Mage of Saruun that is the easiest to contact at the time the adventurers arrive (if they want to contact him).
Paldemar – Mage of Saruun that has recently gone missing.
Surina – Dragonborn Warlock that is a fanatic about fighting Gnolls and their demonic allies.
Terrlen Darkseeker – Middle-Aged man that is the best guide into the Labyrinth.
Vadriar the Sage – Human Wizard that is considered the wizest person in the hall but he has seen a little eccentric lately.

Groups of note:
Mages of Saruun – The largest power in the Seven-Pillared Hall
Bloodreavers Clan – An organized gang of slavers and thugs for hire.
Clan Grimmerzhul duergar dwarves – They have a trading post and presence in the hall.

After some questioning you figure out where to look for the Bloodreavers main living area, You decide to head there to rescue the villagers. You have entered into the Bloodreavers hide out and just finished kicking the crap out of two groups. Ahead you see more closed doors and you have not found the other villagers yet.

Experience Game 12: 2
Experience Game 13: 3
Total experience: 35

You are now half way to level 5.

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