Game Journal 3

Well the assault of the fort went well even if there were a few hiccups along the way. But as they say “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy”. In this case it mostly kept together but had a surprise at the end.

Markus did well scouting the Palisade and found a secret route some Goblins had been using. That’s better than a low point in the wall I was hoping for. That made the ladder Sehadra and I had been working on useless. I was concerned about Sir Oris climbing a palisade in full plate and figured that using the bolt hole would be easier. I was somewhat wrong with that assumption as he still had a terrible time squeezing his armor through. I guess Cormyr knights value protection over agility.

We left Bellgereth on the outside of the palisade where he could suffer through the effects of his dysentery while Duke stood guard over him. He was later missed in the fight in the interior. On the inside of the Palisade we were greeted by goblinoids. They gave a fight but were quickly defeated. The swarm of vermin that attempted eating the face off Sir Oris was the longest standing enemy.

From our breach past the Palisade we entered their dining hall and moved further into the compound. We moved stealthily until we found the next group to attack. There was a group of humans, two bugbears and a goblin guarding Lady Cora’s mercenaries. With Lady Cora being obviously absent. We walked up with Songammem in the lead but our brazen bluff quickly fell apart when Sir Oris saw one of the Bugbears was wearing the flag of Cormyr as diaper. He charged and we waded in after. The battle was fierce and expended most of my inner reserves in the battle.We were ultimately successful and we found a some magic armor that had been posted on display as a reward for the men of Sir Thomas Malore. We also found a magic flail that had been used by one of the Bugbears prior to it’s gruesome and well deserved demize.

I neglected to mention the detail of those in Lady Cora’s service earlier.
Blaze – Dragonborn, large fighter.
Kaze – Small Dragonborn, not talkative, creepy.
Raven – Gypsy looks, follower of Selune.
Terrance Slinagan – Cleric
Orros – An Eladrin

We no sooner rescued them than more of Sir Malore’s men started showing up. Blaze and the others offered to perform a fighting retreat as we went to take on Sir Malore directly. As we dashed across the exposed center of the compound I shouted to the nearby men that the Fort was under attack and that they should see to the defense at the front gates. This caused them to pause just long enough to make it across before they considered that there were no pixies among the bandits.

ladycoraWe entered the building Malore was in and met him upstairs. He had Lady Cora captive but was willing to talk. I used my superior logic skills to convince him of the error of his was and I was able to convince him to surrender with some conditions. His conditions were that his men could go free. We relented on that condition as we didn’t have the reserves to capture them all at that time. In return he surrendered with promise of good conduct. He also freed Lady Cora and surrendered his lockbox, ritual book and food stores to us. I also gave a condition that those brigands that were freed would not take large military weapons with them. I also made sure to loot all of the ever-burning torches in the vicinity.

The trip back to Cormyr was uneventful except for observing the unsuccessful attempts of Sehadra to seduce Raven. That was actually quite amusing now that I think about it.

Sir Oros presented us each with a magic weapon, a badge with his house symbol and a letter of recommendation.

In Cormyr we sold the Magic Flail but Songammem kept the +1 Razor Armor. I also sold the torches at a fraction of the cost but I guess I did flood the market with them. I also wrote a letter requesting a squire from my contacts in the Summer Court.

Great news I have heard back and a squire has been found for me. Her name is Alyssa. She comes from a family of Fey guides and will be coming to train with me for martial and arcana skills. I’ll make sure to order any equipment she needs. I have also received the barding for Duke that I had commissioned. He served us so well I wanted to get him something special.

Other notes:
Kedros retired
Welune – Prison City
Mithel – Powerful Magic

Sent message to meet Lord Prio Knight Exalted (Kings Court)
Met Nashana his administrative assistant.

Writing Case
Identification/Travel Papers

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