Study Journal: Week 12 (Moroni 1-7)

moroni-praying30 MAR 15

(Moroni 1:3) “And I, Moroni, will not deny the Christ; wherefore, I wander whithersoever I can for the safety of mine own life.”

How many of us would have this sort of conviction? It’s easy for us to say we would from our relative positions of safety but since they were hunting it makes me think there were more than just Mormon and Moroni out there but maybe not quite at the same spiritual level as them. Considering the rest of the Nephites, there must have been just a few.

(Moroni 1:4)“I write a few more things, that perhaps they may be of worth unto my brethren, the Lamanites, in some future day.”

So Moroni is present when the Lamanites destroy his civilization and are trying to find and kill him and yet he is still thinking of ways to help those that despise him. I hope to have that level of ability to forgive someday.  It’s easy to hold grudges or feel indifferent to those that harm us.

31 MAR 15

I would describe much of Moroni’s initial writing as filling in the gaps of instruction from the rest of the record. It’s as if he looked at the record and asked himself what was missed or left out. I find it interesting that in chapter two he starts with something that was left from the record and not heard by others. It makes me wonder if he received this part as a direct revelation to fill in this gap of the historical record recognizing that the Nephite disciples were Apostles.

Power to lay on hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost. (Moroni 2:2)

The gift of the Holy Ghost has been a powerful blessing in my life. I have felt it’s guidance direct me in different paths in my life than what I might have otherwise taken.


01 APR 15

Authority to ordain Priests and Teachers. (Moroni Chapter 3)

I remember when I was ordained to be a Priest. I was in foster care and the home I was living in the foster mom was not in the church. Since Priests could ordain other Priests, I had a member of the quorum perform my ordination. It was pretty special for all of us.

Manner and administration of the Sacrament. (Moroni 4&5)

Some of these scriptures keep reminding me of things in my life. Lately my wife and I have been teaching our son about the sacrament and remembering Christ while taking it. It’s an amazing feeling to see him pick up the significance of it.

02 APR 15

A verse that stuck out to me as I was reading is Moroni 6:5. “And the church did meet together oft, to fast and to pray, and to speak one with another concerning the welfare of their souls”. As a bit of an introvert the habit of meeting together in large groups goes against my natural preferences. I actually find ward socials to be a bit of a stressful experience but as Joseph B. Wirthlin said “Ours is the commandment and the blessing to meet together oft.”

Even if our natural preference is not to go to gatherings, we should go to fulfill the commandment to do so. As we do so, there will be opportunity to learn and grow with others. I know that while some of the church’s social events are still stressful to me I will be blessed for participating and have an opportunity to learn from others.

03 APR 15

Spirit of Christ/Light of Christ (Moroni 7:16-17)

As a father of a young child this is another thing that amazing to see in him. While he is still learning, there are many things that he just innately knows from right and wrong. I know that the Light of Christ is in all people.

Faith, hope, charity (Moroni 7:37-48)

I picked out these words due to the frequency they show up through these verses. It seems they are pointing out their significance. The combination makes me think of 1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” I think I will pray to have a greater love for others in my life in this upcoming week. It’s easy to love my family and friends but it’s more difficult to have a love for those beyond that.

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