September Lawn Care

It’s been a super dry summer here in San Antonio. Many lawns have gone dormant. Luckily Bermuda lawns can recover from that. We have gotten rain showers that will help. On weeks that we don’t get rain, continue to water with irrigation or hose end sprinklers. Use a hose as needed to hand water hot spots. I had an issue with my irrigation so I’ve been working on recovery on that side. The recommendation has been a 4-1-2 ratio for fertilizer. I’ve been using a liquid 16-4-8 fertilizer on that area. That only helps if we get rain or you water it in to help the lawn. As far as my normally loved pre-emergent hold back on that for a month so the lawns have a chance to recover more.

Also if your lawn has gone dormant, it’s okay that happens during dry times like this without irrigation. What’s not okay is not mowing foxtails and other weeds that find a way to grow. Make sure to mow those down even if it’s just spot mowing. I’ve seen way too many people just letting that grow because the grass isn’t. It will help you later keeping it trimmed down to normal height.

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