September Lawn San Antonio

So it’s finally cooling down below 90 degrees in San Antonio. This makes it a great time to get some yard work done. The ten day forecast will be your best friend for accomplishing this for the next bit as there is rain on the schedule and some lawn care benefits from rain while others don’t.

First things first get out there and mow your lawn while it’s still dry. I took my lawn down a 1/4 lower than my normal summer cut to lower it from the length I let it get to to survive the heat. I also placed a ton of stuff down. I used my spreader to place down pre-emergent herbicide (to prevent weeds), granule insecticide (to kill/prevent ground burrowing insects), and granule fertilizer (to feed the lawn for the rest of fall). I also sprayed with hose end sprayers liquid fertilizer (light spray to give a quick boost), fungicide (for plants vulnerable to fungus), and insecticide (to kill/control above ground insects).

The liquid insecticide normally provides longer lasting above ground control but with rain on the forecast the next two days will wash it away. I still wanted to kill anything in the yard at the moment. Looking at the forecast I didn’t spray any hose end weed killers as it works best with a couple days of no rain. Thursday looks like a good day to spray that if the three day window of dry weather comes through there. On the other hand all the granule stuff I put down should do great as the rain will water it in the next few days… as long as the weather comes through as predicted. If not then I have to water it in.

This should give you an idea of some things you should do for your lawn if you want to keep it in healthy shape let me know if you have any questions.

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