Wii U: Teardown

In a new addition of Iwata Asks a pictoral hardware tear down is conducted and discussed. I found the discussion concerning power consumption, performance and design to be very interesting. I purchased a Wii after it’s launch but due to hardware shortages it took several weeks of searching. In this environment of increaing numbers of […]

The WordPress and Debian Experiment

Prior to moving, my wife expressed an interest in having her blog on a simpler platform. I previously had it on a Drupal 6 installation which she often found the admin panel to be over whelming. I was self hosting my blog, her blog and a few other sites on an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS machine […]

CyanogenMod 10 On My HTC EVO LTE

Anyone that knows me understands that I can’t sit with a stock Android device for long. So far I have had a Barnes and Noble Nook Color that I rooted the first night of owner ship and installed CM7 as soon as the community ported over the code to it. I later Owned an LG […]