The Free Sons of Nerath

AKA… The Free Sons, Neraths long lost stepchildren.

The Free Sons were commissioned 1,300 years ago as an unconventional warfare group in the Nerath Empire. Upon the fall of Nerath Empire 1,000 years ago the group became a free mercenary group and initially was contracted to the smaller northern kingdom calling itself the Nerath Kingdom.

500 years ago The Free Sons departed the Vale after the then King executed the Companies Captain in a fit of paranoia about his power. The Free Sons then killed killed the King and departed the Vale considering their contract completed. The Kingdom of Nerath fell into infighting and further crumbled from the Empire it once was to the scattered communities of today. The Free Sons have traveled to the farthest Kingdoms south and have now traveled north again as they receive contracts.

In more recent history the Free Sons were under contract to the city of Moonstair in the Barony of Therund.They and the Iron Circle (another mercenary company) were hired by Moonstair to fight off incursions by trolls into the area. For reasons not yet understood… the Iron Circle deserted the battle field during a major battle with the trolls. The Free Sons defeated the trolls in the battle but not without great cost. Now there are only six remaining members of the Free Sons and they are on a mission to make the Iron Circle pay for their treachery.

The Free Sons are no longer under contract with Moonstair and have started following the Iron Circle north after burying the dead and healing up from wounds.

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