Users targeted with malware in advertising

Threat: Users targeted with malware in advertising
Solution: Utilize adblocking technology and/or implement other security measures such as disabling javascript by default

Specifically in this threat the website Forbes asked users to disable ad blockers but the ads served were found to contain malware. This particular instance is worse in my opinion than some as the website owners asked users to disable what is quickly becoming a popular security option and then preceded to serve users malware. While I like to support websites, it makes it difficult to do so when ad networks are not better vetted.

In a multi layered approach security professionals should keep their systems and plugins patched so that known exploits can’t be used on systems. As another layer of security I also recommend turning off javascript by default and only enabling that on trusted websites. Unfortunately in this case the web site would normally be a trusted source so full ad blocking through a proxy, software or other mechanism would be the only way to completely remove exposing systems to the malware.

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