Winter Weeds

Some of you all are having issues with Winter weeds taking over your yard as we are in the back and forth weather prior to spring. Lets takes some steps to clear that up.

  1. Mow the lawn. Even if the grass doesn’t need it, if weeds are going crazy cutting the lawn will remove portions of the weeds to include flowers and seeds and help to reduce their growth.
  2. Apply a pre-emergent herbicide. This will help stop new seeds from germinating and has shown to also slow the growth of existing weeds.
  3. Apply a liquid post-emergent herbicide like Spectracide, Bayer Advanced, or Image. I find Spectracide works best on broad leaf weeds, Bayer Advaced works best on Crabgrass, and Image is the best at killing Nutsedge. Spectricide is the cheapest but it’s worth paying for one of the others if you have a particular issue with crab grass or Nutsedge. Also look at the ten day forecast when you do this and make sure it’s dry for a few days so that the herbicide isn’t immediately washed out.

I wouldn’t recommend putting down fertilizer quite yet as lawns are still experiencing reduced growth for the most part from the winter. If you tackle the weeds now though your lawn will be ready to take off when we start really getting into Spring.

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