Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

I would rate it 7/10 using my scale below.

10 – Masterpiece. 1-2 movies a year might get this rating.
9 – Great movie but just falling short of perfect in some way.
8 – One of the best of it’s genre or medium.
7 – A great experience that I would recommend to anyone.
6 – An enjoyable experience, usually reserved for things that are trash that I really loved.
5 – Somewhat enjoyable experience but I would only recommend it to someone if it matched their tastes.
4 – Not enjoyable; has some redeeming aspects but ultimately disappointed.
3 – Terrible. Would want money back from theater.
2 – Terrible. Would want time back.
1 – Terrible. Couldn’t finish.

As far as where I would rate it with the others:

  • Episode 1: 6
  • Episode 2: 6
  • Episode 3: 6
  • Episode 4: 8
  • Episode 5: 9
  • Episode 6: 8
  • Episode 7: 8
  • Episode 8: 6
  • Episode 9: 8
  • Rogue One: 7

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