Gary Johnson announcement for the presidential race as a Libertarian Candidate

Johnson announced his candidacy for President on April 21, 2011, as a Republican,  on a libertarian platform emphasizing the United States public debt and a balanced budgetthrough a 43% reduction of all federal government spending, protection of civil liberties, an immediate end to the War in Afghanistan and his advocacy of the FairTax. On December 28, 2011, after being excluded from the majority […]

Libertarian presidential candidates

This page has a list of all individuals running for U.S. President in 2012 who have filed statements of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission, and who are Bylaws Sustaining Members of the national Libertarian Party.       It includes the following who have filed as Libertarians: Roger Gary R. J. Harris Gary Johnson James […]

3rd Annual So-Cal Conference

Jan. 21st 2012 at 11am Geezer’s Green Room 12120 Telegraph Road, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 Tickets are $25 for all speakers and sandwich buffet lunch Join your fellow Libertarians for a day of fun speakers, workshops and presentations along with Judge Gray we are proud to announce a host of presenters offering their activism […]