Study Journal: Week 7

23 FEB 15 In 3 Nephi 13:3-4 we are told to give our alms in secret. Tithing and other offerings should of course be given without fanfare but I think we can also expand this principle to acts of service. While sometimes it can be good to broadcast doing service activities to get others to […]

Game Journal 1

Day 1: Another day in Suzail started with Songammem and I out looking for some potential work. Along the way we heard some humans hollering about two knights looking for adventuring minded soldiers. That sounded just like the sort of employment we were looking for so we decided to look into it more. We also […]

Some community service

I’d like to say another big thank you to all those who showed up for picking up trash at the park today. I know Nina Alejandro took a good group photo so I hope she can share that here later. It took us less than an hour and we picked up several bags of wrappers, […]