Looking for a Specialized Rockhopper FS

About ten years ago I sadly had my mountain bike stolen and while there have been many improvements in mountain bikes, I’m looking for the same model and size of bike that I once had (blame nostalgia). I figure I could find one that’s cheap and do some repairs and upgrades as needed. For the […]

Study Journal: Week 8

02 MAR 15 In 3 Nephi 18:3-9 we are told of the sacrament and the manner it should be taken. I found it interesting to note that it is for “all those who shall believe and be baptized in my name”. I take that to mean it’s a commandment for those that are baptized to […]

Character portrait

Last night I wanted to make a character portrait for my character “Sir Sparrowhawk” and I found myself missing the City of Heroes character creator. For those unfamiliar with the now defunct game, players could create very detailed customizations to the look of characters. It was unlike any other game I have seen before or […]