Study Journal: Week 10

16 MAR 15 In 4 Nephi the people were united and there was no contention in the land (4 Nephi 1:15). This was the second time a Zion society had been established on the Earth and the student manual refers to it as the Nephite Zion (golden Nephite era).This lasted for two hundred years before […]

Study Journal: Week 9

09 MAR 15 Commandment to search these things diligently. (3 Nephi 23:1) I am grateful for the time I have to search these scriptures as part of this class. It has given me a reason and format to dig deeper into things than I have had a chance to do in a while. Christ reminds […]

Game Journal 2

Day 2: Sir Oris found us another person to join the adventuring company. He calls himself Belgerreth and is one of those Eladrin that has spent most of his time searching for something on the mortal plane. He also claims to be a Psion. I’ve always thought those were some variant of Sorcerer but I’ve […]