Uniting the Libertarian Party

In the realm of American politics, the Libertarian Party stands as a beacon of individual liberty, limited government, and personal responsibility. However, recent years have witnessed internal strife and division that threaten to undermine the very foundation upon which the party was built. The rise of the Mises Caucus as the dominant faction within the […]

The Texas-Federal Border Dispute: A Distraction from Real Immigration Reform

In recent months, the Texas-Federal border dispute has dominated headlines, capturing the attention of politicians, media outlets, and citizens alike. With heated debates over jurisdiction, security measures, and immigration policies, it’s easy to get caught up in the intricacies of this ongoing conflict. However, amidst the chaos and political posturing, it’s crucial to recognize that […]

Best lies have a bit of truth

The best lies have a bit of the truth at the center. That is what I thought of when I ran across the story of Tim Ballard. Ballard has made himself a name as the rescuer of sex-trafficked individuals but has recently come under scrutiny as allegations of sexual assault and misconduct have come in […]