LNC Transparency

Presently, the LNC or any committee has the authority to convene an Executive Session for the following purposes: • Personnel matters • Contractual negotiations • Pending or potential litigation • Political strategy requiring confidentiality During these sessions, the Secretary is responsible for recording session occurrence, which are subsequently made available to the public. However, I […]

My top three goals for the Libertarian Paty

In recent discussions, I’ve been asked about my vision for the Libertarian Party. However, it’s important to clarify that my current focus lies in vying for the position of Representative of Region 7 within the Libertarian National Convention. As an individual member, my influence is inherently constrained, yet there are pressing matters that I deem […]

Uniting the Libertarian Party

In the realm of American politics, the Libertarian Party stands as a beacon of individual liberty, limited government, and personal responsibility. However, recent years have witnessed internal strife and division that threaten to undermine the very foundation upon which the party was built. The rise of the Mises Caucus as the dominant faction within the […]