78% of abductors are the non-custodial parent

78% of abductors are the non-custodial parent. At least that was approximately the statistic when I was a kid. One day I remember being dropped off at our paternal grandmother’s trailer. She lived in a trailer park in another part of Lake Elsinore and we would go there once in a while. I didn’t have […]

2022 LPTexas Convention

So this past weekend was the LPTexas State Convention in Irving, TX. At this convention we elect state wide candidates, elect party officers, elect delegates to the LP National Convention, amend Bylaws, and amend the party platform. In preparation for this convention I served on the Rules (Bylaws) Committee where we crafted 63 proposals over […]

September Lawn San Antonio

So it’s finally cooling down below 90 degrees in San Antonio. This makes it a great time to get some yard work done. The ten day forecast will be your best friend for accomplishing this for the next bit as there is rain on the schedule and some lawn care benefits from rain while others […]