D&D 4e Summary – Game Session 11

In the previous game session the young villagers of Winterhaven had just defeated the Underpriest of Orcus. The blood is no longer flowing but the ritual was continuing below.

In this game session the players descend together using chains around the pit and some of the rope from your packs. Kitsune saves Quinn from a nasty fall by casting feather fall on him when he slips from one of the slick chains. As you make it to the bottom your eyes adjust to the nightmarish scene in front of you. Pools of blood are on several areas of the room. At one end stands a Deathlock Wight preparing to wreck some havoc and on the other end of the room stands Kalarel, Scion of Orcus. In between you and Kalarel are two Skeleton Warriors.The group starts attacking in multiple directions and defeat the Wight and Skeletons. By that time Kalarel has moved towards a wall containing a portal of ink like darkness. The group attacks Kalarel but the dark attacks those who get too close. Mathos falls to the ground overcome by injuries and Lavender has her dog pull him to safety while Splug jumps in with a healing potion. Kalarel is tough but the group defeats him and stop the opening of the rift.

After exiting the Keep Will informs you that he questioned a goblin that he captured and apparently a mercenary group from a slaving group called the Bloodreavers is in the area and decided to keep some of the captured villagers. Mathos needs rest so you wait for him to sleep off some of his injuries before heading out. After resting, you catch up to the Bloodreavers and find they were trying to get away with some villagers as slaves. After defeating the Hobgoblins and Human Bloodreaver group you free a merchant and two of his guards/workers. They were captured off guard by the Bloodreavers. The merchant tells you some of the Bloodreavers already left with some captured villagers before last night. The Bloodreavers normally come from some where East of Fallcrest but they have been operating out of a ruined watch tower east of Winterhaven while they have been working on contract for Kalarel. You decide to march back to Winterhaven to report in since it’s along the way and you might get support.

In Winterhaven you bring in your prisoners and report in and learn the news of what has happened there. Of the list of the dead are: Will’s Dad, Ninaran’s Wife, Ben Potter (Shawna’s Uncle), Thurgan and Stragan Redbeard (Dwarf residents of Winterhaven), Nina Littlefoot (a halfling farmer) and Jeremy Wolhed (a shepherd). The list of wounded is larger. While people in Winterhaven are happy for your success, the mood of the village is very somber with the losses. Even worse there are a few people still missing: Sage (Lavender’s Brother), Rena (Ket’s Sister), Dotty (Quinn’s older sister) and [insert name here of a sibling of Rodney’s character]. You piece together that the missing villagers with the slavers are those still missing. The village mobilizes to get supplies and mounts for your journey.

While waiting for the mounts you have an opportunity to make some purchases from Marcus and Ket’s shop before departing and to get a meal. In the shop you discover Splug had a bag of holding and a hoarding issue. It seems he picked up every common weapon left behind in the Keep and trades them to Marcus for supplies. Splug gets some herbs, spices, a bedroll and tent, Broy (a foul liquor he likes), 2 candles, chalk, a disguise kit (heavy cloak, wig, beard, spectacles and makeup), an everburning torch, drum, soap, oil, bacon, flour, cornmeal, pots/pans and nice outfit with a bow-tie.

While preparing to leave Will approaches Shawna and says that life is too short and asks her to marry him before you all depart on the rescue mission. Ket is given a diary by Marcus and told to read it after leaving the village.

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