Points of Light Immortals & the Planes

This D&D campaign takes place in a modified form of the “Points of Light” background. There is a large amount of information spread across several books about the immortals. Some of it is intentionally contradictory so that there is no one right answer. As a brief overview there are five primary types of immortals in this universe which include the Divinities, Primordials, Primal Spirits, Far Realm Entities and Archfey. There was an event called the Dawn War in which the Primordials and Divinities fought. Ultimately the Divinities became dominant and saved the The World from destruction. The Immortals now stay in their own planes of existence. When in the mortal World any Immortal can be killed. So Immortals normally work through followers in the mortal world such as Clerics, Paladins and other chosen followers. I have already had a few Immortals meddle in some events but I have not connected all the dots yet for you. The following is a brief description of some of the Immortals and the Planes.


Most dwell in their Astral Dominions in the Astral Sea. At the height of the hierarchy are the Gods themselves. Under them are their Exarchs and Archangels.


  • Avandra: The goddess of change, Avandra delights in freedom, trade, travel, adventure, and the frontier.

  • Bahamut : Called the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut is the god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor.

  • Bane: God of conquest and tyranny, and patron of goblins. (Originally called “Achra”)

  • Corellon: The god of spring, beauty, and the arts, and the patron of arcane magic and the fey.

  • Cotillion: The god of assassins, dark, poison and balance. Cotillion was a noble in the Nerath Empire before ascension. Cotillion is allied with the Raven Queen and reigns from the Shadowfell. (Created by DM)

  • Erathis: The goddess of civilization and the muse of great invention, founder of cities, and author of laws.

  • Gruumsh: The chaotic evil one-eyed god of destruction, and lord of marauding barbarian hordes.

  • Ioun: The goddess of knowledge, skill, and prophecy.

  • Kord: The storm god and the lord of battle, who revels in strength, battlefield prowess, and thunder.

  • Laeris: God of trickery, reported to either have been killed by Vecna, or hiding from Vecna when he tried to steal a draught called the Final Moment.

  • Lolth: The chaotic evil god of shadow, lies, and spiders, and patron of the drow.

  • Melora: Goddess of the wilderness and the sea.

  • Moradin: God of creation and patron of dwarves, artisans, and especially miners and smiths.

  • Pelor: God of the sun and summer, he is the keeper of time.

  • Raven Queen: Goddess of death, winter and fate. She was once mortal and ascended to godhood after death. Unlike other deities, she reigns from the Shadowfell rather than the Astral Sea.

  • Sehanine: Goddess of the moon and autumn, and patron of trickery and illusions.

  • Tharizdun: The chaotic evil god who created the Abyss, and is now chained in the prison plane Carceri.

  • Tiamat: The evil goddess of wealth, greed, and envy, and patron of the chromatic dragons.

  • Torog: The evil god of the Underdark, and patron of jailers and torturers.

  • Vecna: The evil god of undead, necromancy, and secrets. He was once mortal and ascended to godhood after becoming a lich.

  • Zehir: The evil god of snakes, darkness, poison, and assassins, and patron to the yuan-ti. Killed by Cotillion.


The Nine Lords of Hell

  1. Bel: Archdevil and lord of Avernus, the first layer of Hell.

  2. Dispater: The Father of Strife, and an archfiend who rules Dis, the second layer of Hell.

  3. Mammon: The King of Greed, an archdevil who lords over Minauros, the third layer of Hell.

  4. Fierna: An archdevil who rules Phlegethos, the fourth layer of Hell.

  5. Levistus: An archdevil imprisoned in Stygia — the fifth layer of Hell over which he is lord — by Asmodeus for slaying Asmodeus’ first consort.

  6. Glasya: Asmodeus’ daughter, she is an archdevil who rules Malboge, the sixth layer of Hell.

  7. Baalzebul: The lord of flies and the archdevil in charge of Maladomini, the seventh layer of Hell.

  8. Mephistopheles: An archdevil who rules Cania, the eighth layer of Hell.

  9. Asmodeus: The evil god of tyranny and domination, patron of devils and ruler of Hell from Nessus, the ninth layer of Hell.


These creatures of destruction dwell in the swirling maelstrom of the Elemental Chaos, beaten back by the gods in the Dawn War.

  • Another long list of immortals that I will not be using. I think of them kind of like the Titans of Greek mythology.

Slaad Lords

  • Ygorl: Lord of Entropy

Demon Princes

  • Orcus: The demon prince of undeath.

  • There are a ton more. I removed them from the list as they will not be used in my campaign and the list of immortals was getting long.


Vile entities that once presided over a dying universe and introduced the shard of evil into the Points of Light, and who now pose as demon lords in their quest to conquer the multiverse.

Primal Spirits

Dwelling in the World, these powerful spirits called an end to the Dawn War. Most of these spirits’ names are found only the description of powers of Primal classes.

  • Death: The grim harvester.

  • Fate Weaver: A great spider said to have created the bindings between the planes

  • Hunter of Winter: Tiger patron of Tigerclaw Barbarians (Added by DM)

  • Soul Serpent: Keeper of the gate of dreams.

  • World Healer: The force that mended the world after the Dawn War.


Far Realm Entities

Bizarre alien creatures from beyond reality, they infect the world with madness. Little is known about these creatures.

  • I don’t currently plan to use Far Realm Entities. I leave this here as an FYI that they exist. If any appear imagine their Gods are much like Cthulhu.


Lords of the Feywild, these creatures govern the capricious world of the fey.


Court of Stars

Gloaming Court

Sea Lords

Summer Court

  • Tiandra, The Summer Queen.

Winter Court

  • Aurilandur: The frost sprite queen


  • Lady of Pain: The ruler of Sigil, it is unclear who or what she is.

  • Primus: Lord of all modrons, it may be primordial, or god, or something entirely unique.

  • The Red Witch: Patron and creator of the Vrylokas

The World Axis cosmology

4th edition uses a simplified default cosmology with only six major planes, each of which has a corresponding creature origin.


Fundamental Planes

The fundamental planes are two vast expanses from which the other planes were formed. It was the conflict between the inhabitants of each fundamental plane that constituted the Dawn War.

The Astral Sea

The Astral Sea corresponds to the Astral Plane of earlier editions. The Astral Dominions, counterparts to the Outer Planes of earlier editions, are planes which float within the Astral Sea. The majority of the gods dwell in Astral Dominions. The Astral Sea itself is spacially infinite, but the Astral Dominions are all finite. Creatures native to or connected with the Astral Sea generally have the immortal origin.


Astral Dominions in the Points of Light setting:

  • Arvandor, the Verdant Isles: A realm of nature, beauty and magic similar to the Feywild. Home to Corellon and (sometimes) Sehanine.

  • Baator, the Nine Hells: A place of sin and tyranny, a world of continent-sized caverns. Home to Asmodeus.

  • Celestia, the Radiant Throne: A great mountain that drifts in a world of silver mists. Home to Bahamut, Moradin and, sometimes, Kord.

  • Chernoggar, the Iron Fortress: The rust-pitted iron castle, where mighty warriors fight and die endlessly. Home to Bane and Gruumsh.

  • Hestavar, the Bright City: a luminous metropolis which floats above sandy beaches and crystal-clear lagoons, the center of astral civilization. Home to Erathis, Ioun and Pelor.

  • Kalandurren, the Darkened Pillars: A dominion that plays host to demons. It belonged to the god Amoth before he was killed by the demon lords Orcus and Demogorgon.

  • Pandemonium: The former dominion of Tharizdun. The tower of the lich god Vecna is said to be hidden within it.

  • Shom, the White Desert: The former dominion of the mysterious God of the Word. Astral giants loyal to the goddess Erathis fight for control of it.

  • Tytherion, the Endless Night: A dark, arid wilderness where serpents and dragons lurk. Home to Zehir and Tiamat.


The Elemental Chaos

The Elemental Chaos corresponds to the Inner Planes of earlier editions (excluding the Positive and Negative Energy Planes), also containing some aspects of Limbo. The Elemental Chaos contains Elemental Realms, which are themselves planes; the Abyss is one such realm. The only god who dwells in the Elemental Chaos is Lolth, who resides on the 66th layer of the Abyss. The Elemental Chaos is spacially infinite, the Elemental Realms are not. Creatures native to or connected with the Elemental Chaos generally have the elemental origin.


Locations within the Elemental Chaos:

  • The Abyss: A place of utter evil and corruption, the result of a mad god’s attempt to control the whole cosmos. Lolth’s home, the Demonweb Pits, can also be found here.


Parallel Planes

The World

The equivalent to the Prime Material Plane or Material Plane of earlier editions. This plane lacks a formal name and is most often referred to as the World, although titles such as the Middle World and the First Work were also presented in Manual of the Planes. Creatures native to the world generally have the natural origin. The gods Avandra, Melora and Torog have their homes in the World. The god Vecna wanders the whole cosmos (Sehanine is prone to doing this as well).

The Feywild

One of the two parallel planes, the Feywild is a more extreme and magical reflection of the world with some thematic links to the Positive Energy Plane and the Plane of Faerie of earlier editions and settings. Creatures native to or connected with the Feywild generally have the fey origin. According to the 4th edition Manual of the Planes, this plane has some sort of unspecified connection to Arvandor, and is suspected that the Dominion of Corellon can be reached by here. Important locales within the Feywild are known as Fey Demesnes.

The Shadowfell

The Shadowfell is a type of underworld, and the thematic successor to the Negative Energy Plane and Plane of Shadow from earlier editions. The Raven Queen makes her home here rather than the Astral Sea. Creatures native to or connected with the Shadowfell generally have the shadow origin.

  • Gloomwrought, the City of Midnight

  • Letherna, Realm of the Raven Queen

  • The House of Black Lanterns

  • Moil, the City That Waits

  • Nightwyrm Fortress

  • The Plain of Sighing Stones

  • The Shadowdark (Underdark of the Shadowfell)


Demiplanes are relatively small planes which are not part of larger planes. The most prominent demiplane is Sigil, the City of Doors.

Anomalous planes

Anomalous planes are planes which do not fit into other categories. The most prominent of these planes is the Far Realm.

The Far Realm

An anomalous plane, the Far Realm is a bizarre, maddening plane said to be composed of thin layers filled with strange liquids. Visitors to the Far Realm can only exist in one layer at a time, but large Far Realm natives can exist in multiple layers at once. Creatures native to or connected with the Far Realm generally have the aberrant origin. A crystalline structure connected to the Far Realm, known as the Living Gate, stands in the Astral Sea. Creatures such as the Beholder or the Gibbering beast are very corrupted by these realms.

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