Why I rooted my LG Optimus S and installed CM7

I first decided to root it after an OTA update noticeably slowed down the phone. Any custom ROM will do a lot for performance on the phone. The best forum for the Optimus S is on Android Central. Gingerbreak is the current method to root the phone… I used an earlier more complicated method. The […]

LG Optimus S with CM7

I loaded the latest stable build of CM7 for LG Optimus S. It went pretty smoothly and included a few CPU tweaks in the newer kernel that came with it. I love how CM7 takes my cheap phone and places it on par with performance from a stock version of one the more expensive phones. […]

Latest with my NookColor

  CM7 N150 on my NookColor. Nightly 150 sports some kernel tweaks that speeds up booting ALOT! and some DSP optimizations that improve video performance. It’s also sporting Android 2.3.5. Before my NookColor had trouble over clocking over 925 MHz but this kernel has been stable for me at 1100 MHz so far. Who is […]