1.5M Unpatched WordPress Sites Hacked

My wife’s blog was one of those impacted but I had a backup of the SQL, so I was able to restore the content like it was prior to it being defaced. Lessons learned: I don’t log on to my wife’s blog enough to see it needs updates. So I just enabled automatic updates for […]

Hoax News

So the past few years I have actually seen several “fake news” story’s posted in various places. It’s not as huge of a thing as it’s currently being made out to be but I have seen several people fall for them. It’s just a learning experience of to be critical of news sources from everywhere. […]

Threat: New iPhone exploit discovered by the FBI.

Threat: New iPhone exploit discovered by the FBI. Solution: Keep sensitive information encrypted on other devices. URL: http://thehackernews.com/2016/03/fbi-iphone-unlock_28.html The FBI has recently dropped it’s case against Apple after it found it’s own way to unlock the dead terrorists iPhone 5c. Currently experts suspect the technique involved NAND Mirroring (a technique used to copy the contents […]