Stone Of Tears

So I decided to follow up “Wizards First Rule” by reading the next book in the series “Stone of Tears written by Terry Goodkind. This is not a complete review. This is just a few of my thoughts on the book. 1. Warning!!! There are many adult themes in this book. Yes this is the […]

The Iron Circle

REAVERS OF HARKENWOLD – PART 1: THE IRON CIRCLE INTRODUCTION We first meet our “heroes” after they have finished their last mercenary contract to the south in Moonstair. The Free Sons of Nerath have heard that mercenary company that double crossed them, The Iron Circle has traveled north. After healing up our adventurers have decided […]

Wizards First Rule Review

I enjoy reading fantasy literature and “Wizards First Rule” was a good addition. “Wizards First Rule”, written by Terry Goodkind, is the first book in the epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth. The novel was adapted to TV in the 2008 series Legend of the Seeker. People seem to either love or hate this […]