Office Shed Completed

So as some of you might know I’ve been working on building a shed that I planned to insulate and use as an office. After ┬áseveral weekends of work it’s completed and I’ve moved my office out to it. Here is my favorite shot which Sarah dubs it a Man-Cave: The three monitors are great […]

Hoax News

So the past few years I have actually seen several “fake news” story’s posted in various places. It’s not as huge of a thing as it’s currently being made out to be but I have seen several people fall for them. It’s just a learning experience of to be critical of news sources from everywhere. […]

November 8 Update: 2016 Presidential Election Prediction

So looking at the last polls as of today this would be the final election map based strictly on polling. Things to consider is that several of the states have shift over the past week and are close in places where absentee balloting and early voting is allowed. If we just look at today though, […]