D&D 4e Summary – Game Session 5

http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/dd_20110622_1.jpgDeparting Camp
You left your camp (And Donkey) in the hands of Will and Lennie. On the outskirts of the camp you discovered Boggle Tracks. Which while disturbing, you did not find anyway to do anything about it so you continued on.

Encounter in the Goblin Guard Room
Heading down the stairs you encoutered a Goblin taunting you. After chasing him around and nearly falling in a trap, you defeated him and his fellow guards. The pit trap is full of rats and there is talk of torching them but you leave them behind.

Encounter in the Excavation Site
Next you went to the top of some stairs and fought some goblins and Guard Drakes on some stairs. It didn’t turn out as well for my Guard Drakes as I had hoped. While in that area you discovered a secret door but left the area around it alone.


Encounter in the Torture Room
You later discovered a torture chamber and defeated the goblins there. Inside a cell you found a Goblin named Splug. Splug begs for the party to release him and he will show them where the goblin leader, one Balgrum the Fat, is laired.  He offers to carry the party’s equipment, make fresh roasted rat, and generally help them as best he can in return for his release. The party questions him and he seems to be sincere. There is talk of locking him up and leaving him behind but we didn’t get a decision before the end of the evening.

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